Tata Consultancy Services launches app to drive social media analytics on UK general election
Criticaleye Advisory Partner, TCS, has launched
ElectUK, a smartphone application that allows users to track, analyse and visualise Twitter conversations about the 2015 UK General Election.
New Criticaleye Thought Leader - Dr Anthony Hesketh
We are delighted to announce that 
Dr Anthony Hesketh, Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University Management School, has joined our prestigious group of Thought Leaders.
Watson Helsby publish Staying on the Front Foot
Watson Helsby's
newest report explores the unique contribution the corporate affairs function can make to the leadership of an organisation.
New Criticaleye Thought Leader - Ben Page
We are delighted to announce that
Ben Page, the Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI, has joined our prestigious group of Thought Leaders.

Unlocking Corporate Entrepreneurship

While the notion of ‘corporate entrepreneurship’ will always be an oxymoron to some, there can be no doubting the need for large organisations to stay competitive by encouraging new ideas to flow. External partnerships, skunkworks and, from a leadership perspective, developing a culture which can challenge the established order, are all essential if employees are going to push boundaries. Read More